First blog post

Well here it goes my first post… I am almost eighteen years of age, which means a lot of adults think that I don’t know much because I havent had the amount of experience that they have had. I agree to disagree… I know I havent had as much time as they have to learn things and experience new things, but just because i am not as old does not mean I havent learned enough or to little, but I do have experience. Everybody does, everybody does but they have different experiences, and some learn from them and others dont. Every experience defines a person and their tests their maturity. fortunately I grew up rather mature for my age, but unfortunately that happened due to what I had to deal with as a child and as I grew older, that’s a story for another day. Thanks to reality experiences show us that we need look beyond what we want and what we wish and look at the truth. By being able to see the truth we allow ourselves to mature because we broke past the facade and realized that things happen and most things or experiences are unavoidable.


Do you ever just randomly feel sad, like for no apparent reason? Your having a fine day and then all of a sudden your mood drops and you just start feeling blue. It’s weird and very hard to explain and you really don’t know why it happens. It just does. Well I guess that’s just life sometimes… how fun!

Drama. Drama. Drama.

Do you know someone who is dramatic? Not the kind of dramatic where their telling a story and their overreacting a bit.  The kind of dramatic where the smallest thing happens that doesn’t go their way and they freak out and completely over exaggerate what’s happening and make it such a big deal. Well my mom is like that… unfortunately. She literally freaks out about everything that doesn’t go her way, and then manipulates me to make me think that it’s my fault and I’ve ruined everything. Today I asked her if we could have pizza for dinner because it’s been just one of those days. After basically an hour of begging, she said “okay”. Great right? No… not great! She also said and I quote “you can go get the pizza if you watch your sister until her bedtime and let me be tonight so I can relax without interruption, but your buying it”. What does that sound like to you? Well to me it sounds like go buy pizza and leave me alone… “leave me alone”. So to me it sounds like we go get the pizza… I mean “I” go get the pizza with MY money and leave her alone for the rest of the night and watch my sister and feed her with the food that I bought. But to her it sounded like I go do all of that and she all of a sudden doesn’t want to be left alone and she wants to eat with us. Forgive me if I’m wrong but it was a misunderstanding. And when we started eating without her she lost it… she wasn’t even coming up, how was I supposed to know what she wanted. Then when I said sorry I didn’t realize that you wanted food now, she was all like oh well don’t worry about it always about you, your so selfish and then I was like there is tons of goodness for you she was like don’t worry about it I’m not hungry anymore. So that’s the drama that basically happens in my household everyday… anytime something doesn’t go exactly the way she wants it she turns into a complete manipulative horror show. Thanks for letting me rant!

Complaints or Truth

Do you live with other people, such as family? If so I think you will completely understand where I am coming from. For those of you who are all about the positive vibes and only good thoughts and no negative energy, and those of you who think life is just peachy all the time because you don’t let anything bother you, and those of you who think people who complain dont realize that things could and are so much worse either read this and me a shot to explain or dont. Its your choice, in the end everything is your choice and you have to make the decision just like I choose to write this post in order to get things off my chest and put it in dome perspective… You still here? If you live with other people you can understand the frustration of having to clean up after the other people in the household. At the beginning it’s all we help each other and a group is stronger than an individual until it becomes only one person basically doing everything and the others only pitching in here and there nad then wanting credit for doing the dishes once a year. Well this is how it is in my household, what about yours? Honestly it’s probably like that too, I get tired of constantly cleaning off the counters of everybody’s junk because for some reason that just seems to be where everybody throws things, and I get tired of having to scrub the crap out of most of our plates and bowls while doing the dishes because people dont rinse of the ten pounds of ketchup or the leftover cereal in their bowls that turns into cement an hour later. It’s honestly exhausting it make some want to put up signs all over the kitchen “rinse your dirty dishes PLEASE”, “PLEASE REUSE water glasses”, “CLEAN the counters after you leave half a pound of bread crumbs on it”. Half the stuff is common sense and yet people still dont do it. Why? Will we ever really know… probably not. Just take a few more second after eating to do some of these things if you dont already your mom, or roommate, or spouse will appreciate a clean counter when they go to make something or rinsed dishes when they go to clean, it may just make someones day. It definitely will make everyone’s life easier, imagine being in a rush and not taking two seconds to rinse your bowl that has left over cereal already stuck to the sides and then after a long day coming home and doing the dishes and spending half an hour scraping the hard cereal off the sides   your day even harder. When it could have been avoided, just think instead of taking four seconds to rinse the dish it is going to now take even longer to clean it. See that wasnt so bad was it? I just want people to realize that slacking on some things makes other things harder in the long run… “if you dont have time to do it right the first time then you must have time to do it right the second”. For those of you who dont have these issues because you either live alone or with a bunch of cats or run a tight strict house, your lucky. Can I move in? I know there are worse things in the world than lazy people and unrinsed cereal bowls but this is still a reality and we need to focus on the small stuff as well, nit just the big important stuff because I belive that all of the small stuff adds up and leads to the big stuff. Have a good day and try to rinse your dishes!


So…. my mom and I have a pretty open relationship, we tell each other basically everything… I think. But I am starting to feel like it’s becoming a one way street, you know where I tell her stuff and expect no judgments but she judges me and questions my decisions anyway? But when she tells me stuff and confides in me I do not judge her… at least not out loud. Well due to that I am at some cross roads, I want to tell her stuff of course cause she is basically the only thing I have but I also do not wan to tell her a lot of stuff because I don’t feel like being judged for everything I say by my own mother. For an example, yesterday I told her that I had started my own blog, and she looked at me rolled her eyes and said “seriously” as if it was pathetic. She questioned it and then I just left because instead of her supporting me and saying something like “okay, sounds fun, what are you writing about?” she questions it as if it was a stupid idea. There are so many times where I tell her about what happened at school and with my friends and things like that where once i am done talking she always reverts to “well what did you do” or “why are you letting it bother you” or “why are you making such a big deal out of nothing”… but the thing is I am just trying to talk to her and tell her whats happening in my life, but she takes it as i am freaking out or complaining or whatever she takes it as. I just want to talk to her without judgment and having everything being my fault even though no… that just life. SHIT HAPPENS.